Get JRebel to autorefresh

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I have just recently became a JRebel user, the $ was steep but I’m hoping that it will pay off in the near future :D .

The promise of the tool is great this quote is copied directly from their website “This tool will change the way you program in Java forever. See how enjoyable coding becomes when you don’t have to restart anymore while making changes to class structures, resource files and framework configuration files. Just code, beautiful code!”. Another major decision I have made recently is to move from eclipse to IntelliJ, and after the third attempt I was successfully able to do so.
The purpose of this post is to share with you a small tweak/option that I found in IntelliJ which works really great with JRebel plugin, enabling this feature will allow you to modify your web application (I’m using tomcat7) with out the need to hit (CTRL + F9) to let JRebel plugin to know that you have updated your code. Without further ado!


The options is called “Update resource On Frame Deactivation”.
That’s all. enjoy :)

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